Timothy M. Roberson


Mr. Roberson has over 40 years of experience in all phases of the oil and gas exploration and production business with focal areas on company start-ups, management of exploratory prospect origination, and in drilling, completion, and production operations management. Mr. Roberson has been an operator in the Permian Basin since 1987 and has also been an operator and/or producer in the East Texas Basin, the Texas and Louisiana Gulf Coast, and in the Federal OCS waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

Mr. Roberson began his career with National Supply in 1980 after graduating from the University of Texas at Austin’s McCombs School of Business with a BBA in Marketing. He returned to the University of Texas at Austin and conducted post-graduate work in Geology and Petroleum Land Management before beginning work as a staff landman with Gulf Oil Company in 1982.

In 1987, Mr. Roberson co-founded Pecos Petroleum Company and served as President of the company from its inception until its dissolution in 2001. Pecos Petroleum achieved its success by assembling and operating both developmental and exploratory prospects. During its time, Pecos Petroleum discovered or extended 14 fields and operated or participated in the production of over 7.2 MMBOE. Pecos Petroleum operated the drilling and/or completion of over 70 wells prior to 2001.

Mr. Roberson was president and co-owner of Texas Standard Oil Company, an offshore oil & gas production company formed in 2001 which acquired the Freeport-McMoRan Oil & Gas Royalty trust (was traded on NYSE) and its related working interest by becoming publicly registered through the SEC and making an exchange offer. The acquired properties were located in the Federal waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Texas Standard Oil Company was liquidated in 2010. Mr. Roberson subsequently acquired all of the outstanding shares.

Mr. Roberson is President, co-founder, and co-owner of Texas Standard Oil LLC, formed in 2013. He is also the founder and owner of Texas Standard Oil & Gas, LP (“TXS LP”), Texas Standard Oil Operating Company, and Roberson L.P.-1, which are Houston based, privately owned, independent oil and gas companies engaged in the exploration and production of oil and natural gas onshore Texas.

Mr. Roberson is a member of the AAPL, the Houston Geological Society, West Texas Geological Society, SPE: Permian Basin & Gulf Coast Sections, the Houston Producer’s Forum, and ADAM-Houston Energy Network.